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.32 Auto Inert Ammo

.32 Auto Inert Ammo

.32 Auto, also known as .32 ACP/.32ASP/ .32Colt Auto/ 7.65mm ACP/7.65mm Browning/7.65mm Browning M1897/7.65mm Browning M1900 and several others! Inert Ammunition. It became a very popular round and was used across a variety of pistols including the 1899/1900 Browning, WW1 Spansih Eibar and Savage 1907 to name but a few. I am puzzled wy such a small round was so popular as a military cartidge and it wasn't all down just to accepting what was avilable during WW1 as the Eibar pistols were made specifically in their thousands for the French forces.

Brass Case with original Copper FMJ Bullet replaced after inert process, photo shows typical example

Now a hard to get round since there is no legal pistol shooting in the UK, hence the price, free from explosive, no licence required

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