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Question Answer
bullet point Where are you based? Lincolnshire, England. About 100 miles north of London
bullet point Do you have a shop? Yes, normally open from Monday, Tuesday and Thursday,Friday 1pm to 5pm but it is always best to phone and confirm we will be onsite before travelling
bullet point Do you ship overseas? Depends on the item, it is best to enquire, the webshop is blocked from accepting overseas orders.
bullet point How do I get in touch with you? Click on the 'contact us' link
bullet point Do you have a catalogue of your products? Everything we stock is listed in the web shop.
bullet point Do you buy items? Yes, of course, and take them in either way part exchange as well, but not air weapons.
bullet point What is the price in my currency? Due to fluctuations in exchange rates all prices are quoted and charged in Pounds Sterling, you will need to approximate the value in your own currency, various sites exist on the web which will provide this information, or your bank will tell you.
bullet point Will I have to pay import duty? This depends on the laws in your country, EC rules mean that people living in member states may not have to worry (and we don't know how Brexit will affect things yet), other countries will have their own rules. We will not under any circumstances attempt to circumvent customs regulations
bullet point Are there any products you cannot ship abroad? Basically, only those which are prohibited under international laws governing commerce and dangerous items to transport on aircraft (for example fuel based portable cookers), or those which due to their size or shape are basically impossible to freight by standard methods. We do not sell firearms or ammunition. Laws regarding deactivated weapons vary from country to country, and we cannot legally ship to countries with different laws to our own. Also a specialist shipper will be required which can be very expensive.......
bullet point What about weapons accessories and parts, do they have any restrictions? The laws in the UK concerning firearms parts are now fairly clear and components are considered to be barrels, bolts and receivers. Under no circumstances will we export these type of items, also note that military weapon magazines are also not available for export, they require an export licence and expensive specialist shipping as many carriers now regard them as 'dangerous cargo' (yep, I know, stupid.....)
bullet point I am a UK resident, do I need any kind of licence to own inert ammo or deactivated weapons? The short answer is no, no licence is required
bullet point What payment methods can I use? We accept Visa and Mastercard, electronic transfers into our UK account in sterling are also acceptable. Cash in Pounds Sterling is also acceptable but not recommended by post! For UK customers Postal Orders are also OK.
bullet point How long does it take to despatch items? For those that we have large stocks, normally a few days, but please allow 21 days in case we are at a show, on holiday, closed for maintenece or re-working Einsteins Theory of Relativity. We only post Monday's each week (Tuesday latest). One off items can take a little longer as we sometimes have to locate them within our stock.
bullet point Do you have a returns policy? Yes, but see our terms and conditions for more details.
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