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'Contour' Padded Rifle and 'scope gunslip

'The Basque' Side by Side Double Barrel Shotgun-deactivated (Q06 DA0168)

.177 Calibre Crosman Destroyer pellet 6.70

.177 Calibre Milbro Select domed pellets 6.49

.177 Calibre Napier Power Target pellets 7.75

.177 Calibre napier pro hunter pellet 7.75

.177 Calibre Panther 9.2Gn domed pellets 4.99

.177 Calibre Remington Thunder Crow Magnum 11.95

.177 Calibre SMK Black Flat Pellets 2.99

.177 Calibre Spitfire domed pellet 6.95

.177 Calibre Spitfire pointed pellet 6.25

.177 Calibre ThUnderbolt hunting pellet (Spring guns only) pellet 9.95

.177 Calibre Victory Implode Pellets 5.99

.177 Steel BB Pellets £7.95

.20 Calibre domed Crosman Pellet 13.50

.223 (5.56mm) Inert Ammo

.25 Calibre domed Rhino Pellet 6.99

.25ACP inert round

.30 BMG Combination Tool

.30 BMG/Garand/BAR Bore Viewer

.30 BMG/Garand/BAR Cleaning Rods Set

.30 Browning model 1914A4 Machine Gun (SAID No21)

.30 Browning Spare Barrel-Deactivated to EU Spec. and M9 cover

.30 Browning Spare Barrel-Deactivated to EU Spec. PRICE REDUCED

.30 Browning tripod head cover

.30 Calibre (BMG/Garand/BAR/Springfield etc) headspace gauge

.30 Calibre Ammunition Belt

.30 Calibre Browning Cleaning kit

.30 calibre cleaning rod brush

.30 Pullthrough

.30 Short M1 Carbine inert ammo

.30-06 bore viewer

.30-06 Burst case extractor

.30-06 inert ammo

.30-06 inert ammo dated 1930 in original clip

.30-06 inert ammo dated 1942 in original clip

.30-06 Tracer 1941 dated inert ammo

.300 H&H Flanged Magnum

.300 H&H Flanged Super Magnum

.303 1939 dated inert ammunition in packets

.303 Drill round

.303 inert Ammunition

.303 inert Nickel jacket dated 1937-1941 rounds

.303 inert WW1 type ammunition

.303 inert WW2 dated Ammunition

.303 Lewis Machine Gun (SAID No14)

.303 Magazine Lee-Metford & Lee-Enfield (SAID No7)

.303 No4(T) an armourers perspective

.303 P14 rifle & sniping variants (SAID No10)

.303 rifle No 4 Marks 1 & 1*, Marks 1/2, 1/3, & 2 (SAID No2)

.303 rifle No 5 Mark 1 (SAID NO4)

.303 rifle No1 SMLE Marks III & III* (SAID NO1)

.32 Auto Inert Ammo

.32 Smith and Wesson Long by Kynoch

.357 Magnum Lead Flat Point (LFP) inert round

.38 S&W Pistol Cleaning Rod

.38 Special Inert Ammo-Copper FMJ

.38 Special LRN Inert Ammo

.380 (.38) S&W Inert Ammo

.380 Auto Inert Ammo

.380 Enfield No2 Revolver

.380 S&W Inert Ammo boxed 25

.44 Magnum Lead Flat Point

.45 Auto Colt Take Down Tool

.45 Colt 1911 Auto Pistol 10 Round Magazine without drainage holes

.45 Colt 1911 Auto Pistol Magazine: Very Scarce!

.45 Colt 1911A1 Auto Pistol Magazine

.45 Colt 1911A1 Auto Pistol Magazine COLT MANUFACTURE

.45 Colt 1911A1 Auto Pistol Magazine without drainage holes

.45 Inert Ammo

.45 Thompson SMG (SAID No17)

.45-70 Goverment Inert Ammunition

.450 & .303 Martini Rifles and Carbines (SAID No15)

.450 Inert Ammo

.450/577 (577/450) inert Martini Henry cartridge (WP)

.455 MkII Inert Ammo

.455 MkVI Nickel Inert Ammo

.455 Pistol, Revolver No1 (Webley) (SAID No9)

.50 Ammuniiton Link

.50 BMG Burst Case Extractor

.50 Cal AA & Assault Rear Sight

.50 Calibre Ammunition Box

.50 Calibre inert round only

.577 (.565) Musket Ball

.577 Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket and Snider Enfield (SAID No20)

.577 Snider-Enfield Rifles and Carbines

.De Lisle's Commando Carbine

03 Springfield stripper clip

1 pint oil can in cover

11.3x50R Dutch Beaumont Inert-SCARCE

119 Fuze Key

12 Bore Shotgun cartridge-inert

12 feet x 12 Feet (4 Meter x 4 meter) approx camo net

155mm HE Shell inert-never filled 275.00

17cm 10 meter (33 feet) target

17cm 4x target Pistol Target

17cm Rabbit Target

17cm Rat Target

17cm red/white/blue target

17cm target having 5 small targets

1871 Martini-Henry brown leather Sling-Repro

1871 Martini-Henry Sling-Repro

1888 pattern Slade Wallace type sling

18Pr Shrapnel Shell-inert

1903 Pattern Rifle Sling for Lee Enfield, white_Repro

1903 Pattern Rifle Sling for Lee Enfield_Repro

1910 Maxim Hose Connector

1914 Lee Enfield SMLE Mk111/Mk111* (Q23 DA 0222)

1914 Pattern Rifle Sling for Lee Enfield-Genuine

1915 DWM Mauser G98-deactivated (DA0150 Q11)

1915 Vickers Clinometer in 1918(?) case 185

1917 Lee Enfield SMLE (EU Spec 2018) (P11 DA 0039)

1917 Vickers ammunition box 145

1918 dated Vickers MG oil can case (empty)

1928 Thompson oiler

1928A1 Thompson Vertical Grip

1938 Lee Enfield SMLE (DA-SMLE-EC))525

1939 Mauser K98 (DA-K98-EC) 695

1940 Mauser K98 (N20 DA0095)

1940 web rifle cover

1942 Enfield Gun Slip

1942 Savage Lee Enfield No4 MK1* (DA0129 P15) EU 2016 Spec deac

1943 British Lee Enfield No4 MK1 (M02) EU 2016 Spec deac

1943 Long Branch Lee Enfield No4 MK1* (DA0066 P05) EU 2018 Spec deac

1943 Long Branch Lee Enfield No4 MK1* (Q22 DA0223) EU 2018 Spec deac

1944 Long Branch Lee Enfield No4 MK1* (DA0127 P16) EU 2018 Spec deac

1944 Mauser K98 (DA0065 P06)

1944 Mauser K98 sniper rifle (N23 DA0116) PRICE REDUCED FROM 850

1954 No4 Enfield training Manual

2 Gallon Water can

2" Mortar Cleaning rod 2 part 3rd pattern

2" Mortar Cleaning rod 2 part 3rd pattern

2" Mortar 1944 dated (DA2IN-22-1)

2" Mortar Breech wrench

2" Mortar Cleaning Kit

2" Mortar INERT HE Bomb

2" Mortar INERT HE Bomb (2-OML-HE-4)

2" Mortar INERT HE Bomb (2-OML-HE-5)

2" Mortar MkII*, 1944 in box with accessories (2IN-21-2) ON HOLD FOR CUSTOMER

2" Mortar MkVII (2IN-21-2)

2" Mortar muzzle cover

2" Mortar muzzle cover-genuine

2" Mortar sight

2" Mortar webbing set

22C Anti Tank Scope

25Pr Air Pump

25Pr Barrel overhang Light

25Pr Cocking Lanyard

25Pr Firing Lanyard

25Pr HE Shell-inert-225

25Pr Knee pad

25Pr Mop

25Pr Parts List PDF Copy

25Pr Pullthrough

25Pr Rammer, genuine, very scarce

25Pr Rammer, genuine, very scarce 125

25Pr smoke BE Shell-inert 125

25Pr Spares Box-Scarce!

25Pr Tool Box

25Pr Wheel Brace

25Pr Wheelnuts

26x Kynoch 1955 .303 in original Box

2in inert Illuminating bomb

2in inert Practice bomb late/post-war (damaged)

2X Belt repair rivetting tool BD2652 (BOX OF 2 Tools)

3 point sling swivel for Enfield No4 3 sided

3 point sling swivel for Enfield No4T WD Marked

3 point sling swivel for Enfield P14

3 point sling swivel for Enfield P14 & SMLE -3 sided

3" inert Drill Mortar bomb (3-OML-DRL-1)

3" inert Drill Mortar bomb (3-OML-DRL-2)

3" inert HE Mortar bomb (3-OML-HE-2)

3" inert HE Mortar bomb (3-OML-HE-4)

3" inert HE Mortar bomb (3-OML-HE-1)

3" Mortar, 1944 (AD30)

3" Mortar, 1944 (AD31)

3" Mortar, 1944 (AD32

3" Mortar, 1944 (DA-3IN-A1) 4750 ON HOLD FOR CUSTOMER

30-30 Winchester Copper FMJ inert

30-30 Winchester Copper Pointed FMJ inert

30-30 Winchester LRN

303 Ammo bandolier-WW2

32x .303 1940 dated inert ammunition in boxes

32x 1955 .303 in original Box

32x RG 1955/6 .303 in original Box- mixed dates

4.5" HE Shell-inert 175

40mm Bofors shell and case-inert 85

40mm Bofors shell and case-inert 95

48x .303 1941 dated inert ammunition in original box

4x2 Roll

4x2, Genuine WD issue

577 inert Snider cartridge

5x matching .303 inert copper FMJ rounds dated 1942-1945 and clip

5x matching .303 scarce inert nickel rounds dated 1937-1941 and clip

6.5x55 Swedish Inert

7.62 Clearing Plug

7.62 Magazine for Enfield No4-scarce

7.62 NATO ammo clip

7.62mm L1 and C1 FAL Rifles (SAID No12)

7.62mm L42A1 Sniper, L39A1,2A & Lee enfield Conversions (SAID No18)

7.62x21 (.30 Luger) Inert Lead Round Nose

7.62x25 Tokarev for Tokarev, PPSH41 etc

7.62x39 inert Ammunition (AK47)

7.62x51 boxed 50 rounds Nato inert ammunition

7.62x51 Nato inert ammunition

7.62x54R inert Ammunition

7.63x23 Mauser Pistol inerts

7.63x25 copper FMJ Mauser Pistol inerts

7.92 Patrone 'Kurz' inert ammo boxed

7.92x33 Patrone 'Kurz' inert ammo for the MP43/44

7.92x57 inert ammo

7x57 inert ammo

7x57mm Mauser Kynoch box (empty)

850 sound moderator 59.95

8mm Blank magazine for Armi Jager AP74 'M16' blank firer

8mm Lebel inert-scarce

9mm Inert Ammo

9mm Sten Machine Carbine Marks 1, 1* , 2 & 3 (SAID No11) OUT OF PRINT

9mm Sten Machine Carbine Marks V, VI and II(S) (SAID No24)

A J Parker Model T.Z.3/49 P14/M1917 rear sight and a tunnel front sights

Abbey 'gunlube' Silicone OIl

Abbey Blu Gel

Abbey Gun and Rifle Oil

Abbey Gun Clean

Abbey gun grease 50ml tub

Abbey SM50 Gun and Rifle Oil

Abbey stock finish

Accurizing and shooting Lee-Enfields

Adapter Boss BD0005

Adapter Pump No1 and Case

Adjustable butt for target rifle

Aiming Post BD2522

Aiming Post lamp BD2059 (AL6)

Aiming Post set

Aiming post Set 1

Air Weapon Cleaning Kit

AK47 magazine

AK47 & Makarov Pistol Tool Kit Manual

AK47 Cleaning kit

AK47 cleaning kit-tube

AK47 Operators Manual 1972

AKM Bayonet & Scabbard

Ammo Belt, Vickers MG, 250 round Ww2 dates

Ammo box and belts for MG34/42/53 PRICE REDUCED from 52.95

AR15 Nylon Sling-scarce

AR15 or M16 30 round mag.

Arc, small plotting board

Arc, standard plotting board

Armalite AR180 (AH21 077)

Armourers Brace & Bits

Armourers guage for .38 Enfield Pistol No2

Australian SMLE Variations (SAID No19)

AYA Double barrel Shotgun-deactivated (Q07 DA0167

Baikal Double barrel Shotgun-deactivated (Q10 DA0173)

Band for Recoil Spring-Bottom-Repro

Band for Recoil Spring-top

BAR Brush Set

BAR Combination Tool

BAR Gas Cylinder Reamer

BAR Mag Cover

BAR Magazine Filler

BAR Magazine for Browning BAR

BAR Spare Parts Bag

Barrel bearing tool

Barrel for Mk1 Bren

Barrel for Mk1* Bren SPBR0336

Barrel for Mk2 Bren

Barrel for Mk3 Bren

BB0670 SMLE Magazine catch

BB0671 LE1 Catch safety

BB0754 LE 1/4 Main Spring

BB0757 SMLE Spring screw inner band

BB8595 LE4 Mazak butt plate

BB8675 Backsight Collar

BD0160 Vickers Oil can case

BD0755 Lever, Trigger bar

BD0952 Spring, Latch, rear Cover

BD2476 First Aid Repair Kit

BD2500 Belt Expanding Tool

BD2503 Vickers MG Plug Clearing (and all .303 weapons)

BD2574 Screwdriver small

BD2654 Vickers Combination Tool Mk2

BD6355 Clip, pourer/2 Gallon can

Bearing CM130

Beeman 1518 Commander PCP air rifle 289.95

Beeman 2004E .177 Air pistol 79.95

Belt repair rivetting tool BD2652

Beretta Model 70 Semi Auto Pistol (AI03 DA0242)

Berette Model 34 .38 magazine

Berette Model 34 7.65mm magazine-alternative pattern

Berretta 92SB Semi-Auto Pistol (AI31 DA0294)

BESA 225 Round Ammo Belt

BESA Combination Tool

BESA De-Fouling Tool

BESA Plug Clearing

BESA Punch

BESA Reamers

BESA/Browning Grease Can

Bicycle MkIV-drawings and parts

Bildheft 142 Parts A, B & C for the MG42

Bildtafeln MG34-MG34 Operation diagrams book

Bisley 14.5mm Sling Swivel Set

Bisley 16mm Sling Swivel Set

Bisley Screwed Sling Swivel Set

Black/Beige Gunslip

Black/Brown Gunslip

Body CM1302

Boer War Mauser model 1896 Carbine (N27 DA0117) PRICE REDUCED FROM 545

Boer War Mauser model 1896 Carbine (N28 DA0096) PRICE REDUCED FROM 495

Boer War Mauser model 1896 Carbine (N29 DA0115) PRICE REDUCED FROM 545

Boer War model OVS Mauser 1896 (N26 DA0118) Serial number is 17!

Boer War OVS model Mauser 1896 (N25) REDUCED FROM 825

Bolt Head '0' FAC Holders Only

Bolt Head '1' FAC Holders Only

Bolt Head '2' FAC Holders Only

Bore Light

Box for Kynoch 6.35mm/.25ACP (empty)

Box No2, seals

Box No2, seals-with contents

box, small spares BD0095

Boxed .380 (.38) S&W Inert Ammo

Boxed Bren Mags

Boxed Bren Mags-Box 1

Boxed Bren Mags-Box 2

Boxed Link

Boyes Anti-Tank rifle magazine

Bracket, Dial Sight BD4370

Bracket, Dial Sight SET

Brass Oil Bottle

Bren & BESA Mk1* Gasbore brush

Bren & BESA Mk1* Gasbore mop

Bren & BESA Mk1* Gasbore Rod

Bren (SAID No5)

Bren 100 Round drum mags and box

Bren 1961 Armourers Instructions

Bren AAA Tripod Mk1 dated 1942

Bren Barrel Holdall

Bren Brush Magazine

Bren Cart Case Catcher

Bren Cover, repro

Bren Defouling Tool

Bren Double Pullthrough

Bren expended case catcher

Bren Mk1 (Aus) in Transit box with accessories (AC03 DA0291) 1495

Bren MK1 Butt Handle and tripod clips set-repro

Bren MK1 Butt Handle-repro

Bren Mk1 Combination Tool dated 1940 (BRN-C1-1940)

Bren Mk1 with repro Butt handle (AC03 DA0165)

Bren Mk1* Gasbore Cleaning Kit

Bren Mk2 Combination Tool

Bren Mk2 Gasbore Brush

Bren Mk2 Gasbore Mop

Bren Mk2 Gasbore Rod

Bren Mk2 Gasbore Rod Kit

Bren No2A Cleaning Rod

Bren No4 Small Parts Box-Scarce

Bren No5 Cleaning Rod

Bren Parts List

Bren reamers

Bren Section Spares Kit

Bren Sling MK2, Post-War

Bren Sling MK2, WW2

Bren T&E For Tripod

Bren Transit Box (BT01)

Bren Transit Box BT02

Bren Tripod Legs

Bren/Enfield/.303 Clearing Plug

British Defence Equipment Catalogue 1969

British Empire Sniper Rifles (SAID No22)

British L1A1 SLR & SUIT (DA-SLR-EC) 1999

British L1A1 SLR (AH18 DA0185)

British Service Sword & Lance Patterns (SAID NO6)

British Small Arms Unit Markings

brown leather effect sling

brown leather sling

Browning GP35 Hi-Power magazine

Brush, breech screw

Brush, grip oiler Mk1 BD0102/ CA0531

Brush, grip oiler Mk2 BD4197

Brush, water, carriage


Butt Disc for SMLE and other weapons

Can Oil MG MK3

Canvas 2" Mortar muzzle cover-Very scarce

Cap grip oil bottle BD2014

Cap No6

CARBONESSXS sound moderator 79.95

Cart case, fired, 25Pr

Cartridges by Herschel C. Logan

Case Clino & Spare Clino

Case Clino sights

Case Fuse Key 120

Case Fuse Key 120-painted

Case Fuse Key 120-used

Case Fuse Key 120-used

Case No9 Dial Sight

Case No9 Dial Sight

Case, spares & tools BD0172

Chain Crosshead Pin BD2238

Chain Elevating Screw BD2236

Chain pin joint elevating gear BD2240

Charcoal Handwarmer Set

Clamp CM315

Cleaning Rod K98 10.5 inch

Cleaning Rod K98 12 inch

Cleaning Rod Set .50 Cal

Clinometer for 3" Mortar

Clinometer, 1943 dated OS331GA

Clinometer, Field

Clinometer, Field & Case

Clinometer, Sights

Clinometer, WW2 dated OS331GA

clip for Moisin Nagant-SCARCE and BACK IN STOCK!!

Clip,charger,Lee Enfield

CM342 Bracket

CO2 12Gm Capsule 80p each

CO2 88Gm Capsule 7.95

Cogswell & Harrison MK111 (modified) Signal Pistol (Q24

Cogswell and Harrison WW1 Signal Pistol (Q18)

Colonial Circa 1850 Rifle/musket Sling

Colt 1903 .32 ACP magazine

Colt 1903 Hammerless (AI03 DA0242)

Colt 1908 .380 ACP magazine

Colt 1908 Hammerless (AI14 DA0257)

Colt 1911 Holster dated 1917

Colt 1911 Holster dated 1942

Conquest of Empire-The Defence of the Realm

cork, condensor BD0650

Cover Breech 5.5" Gun (and 4.5")

Cover Ejectors projectile

Cover No9 5.5" Gun

Cover, Limber stores tray

CR 485 No4 Trigger

CR322 LE4 Sling swivel

CR346 .075" LE4 Blade fore sight Mk3

CR348 .045" LE4 Blade fore sight Mk3

CR349 .030" LE4 Blade fore sight Mk3

CR350 .015" LE4 Blade fore sight Mk3

CR357 No4 Guard Trigger

CR359 LE4 pin axis back sight

CR366 Screw Spring Bolt Locking

CR367 LE4 Spring, head catch

CR389 Washer, Spring stock bolt

CR411 LE4 lower band

CR414 LE4 Band Upper Mk2 on

CR418 LE4 Screw blade foresight

CR419 No4 Block Band Foresight

CR420 (CR471) No4 protector foresight

CR432 No4 Cocking Piece

CR433 No4 Extractor

CR438 No4 Screw Extractor

CR439 LE4 Spring Extractor

CR442 Striker (Firing Pin) FAC ONLY

CR443 LE rear sling swivel plate

CR446 LE4 catch magazine

CR458 No4 Magazine Auxilliary Spring

CR459 No4 Pin Trigger

CR465 Plate catch Head

CR472 LE1/4 Screw, wood, rear swivel plate

CR474 LE4 Screw Ejector

CR475 Screw Guard Trigger

CR476 Screw butt plate

CR477 No4 Sear

CR478 Spring Bolt Locking

CR479 Sear Spring

CR483 LE4 cap, stock, fore end

CR510/CR302 SMLE & No4 Stock Bolt

CR530 LE4 Blade fore sight .09"

CR60SA No4 Enfield platform

CR963 Mk3 Sight blade .090"

Crosman .22 Calibre Premier Ultra Magnum (formerly Accupel) Pellet 14.99

Crosman .22 Calibre Premier Hollow Point Pellet 15.99

Crow knock down target

CZ Mauser K98-deactivated (DA0152 P34)

CZ Mauser K98-deactivated (DA0153 P35)

CZ Model 27, late WW2 Waffenampt (AH13 DA0122) PRICE REDUCED FROM 475 to 350!

CZ ZK383 SMG (AE28 DA0238)

D124/1 MG34 Description, Operation and Care 1943

D124/2 MG34 (also suitable for MG42) Lafette Mounting 1943

D136/1 Karbine 98 & Telescope K-Zf41 1942 Manual

D166/1 Machine Gun 42 dated 02/09/43

D167/1-2 MP38/MP40 Operators Manual

D1854/2 MP43 Manual

D1854/3 StG44 Butt Manual 1944-English

D1854/3 StG44 Butt Manual 1944-German

Deflector Sight BD0270

Denckler Handbook for the MG08/15 & MG08/18

Denckler's Der Karabiner 98 circa 1934/35

Denckler's Die Maschinen Pistole 40

Denckler's Flare Pistol (Hebel Type)

Deutsche Eisenbahn Geschutze (German Railway Guns)

Dial CM316

Director No9, postwar dated

Director No9, postwar dated with 1931 leather case

Disc, disposeable BD0680

Double Barrel 16 bore Shotgun-deactivated (DA0155 G04) Price reduced rom 195

Double barrel deactivated shotgun by A. Martin (Q04 DA0169)

DP28 boxed drum mags

Drum, Range CM334

DV103/2 K98 and Luger Operators Manual

DVP69 MP44 Operators Manual 1950

DW Ortgies Pocket Pistol (AD29 DA0090) EU Spec Deactivation

DW Ortgies pocket pistol (AI13 DA0256)

DWM 1915 Luger P08 Semi-Auto Pistol (AI31 DA0294)

Early pattern oil can for .30 & .50 Browning MG

Early/pre 1944 Savage Lee Enfield No4 MK1* (Q20 DA0216) EU 2018 Spec deac

Ejectors projectile

EM-2 Concept and Design by T.B. Dugely

Empty Bren Mag Box

Enfield .38 Grips, repro

Enfield 1941 PR No2 Mk1* Revolver (AI28 DA0288)

Enfield 1941 PR No2 Mk1* Revolver (AI28 DA0288)

Enfield Fore-end router

Enfield No4 Armourers Instructions

Enfield No4 Magazine

Enfield No4 target barrel Sporter Wood Furniture

Enfield No4 target barrel Sporterised Stock and Butt

Engineers type oil can

ERA P14 (DA-23-14-1 DA0282)

ERA P14 (R10 DA0284)

Exploder WW2 era

Extractor cartridge

FAC sound moderator 49.95

Ferret Scout Car stowage diagrams

Firing pin removal tool

Flocked full body Pigeon Decoy & peg

Flying Pigeon Decoy Set

FN Browning 10/22 7.65mm-EU Spec deac (AE29 DA0089)

FN browning 1900 (AH22 DA0203)

FN Browning 1906 (AI24-DA0269)

FN Browning 1910 (AI12 DA0255)

FN Browning 1922 (AI15 DA0258)

FN Browning M1903 magazine 9mm

FN Browning M1910 magazine 7.65mm (early 6 hole)

FN Browning M1922 (AH11 DA0121)

FN Browning M1922 magazine 9mm

FN Browning M1922 magazine7.65mm

FN Double Barrel Shotgun EU Spec 2018 (P02 DA120)PRICE REDUCED FROM 225


Funnel Filling

funnel WW1 type

funnel WW2 type

Fusil Pump action Shotgun (L25 DA0098) PRICE REDUCED FROM 260! EU 2016 Spec Deac

Fuze Setters, hand, no1

G98 7.92 Ammo Clips

G98 Rifle Sling-Repro

Gale & Polden Thompson SMG Users Manual

Gamebore Clear Pigeon for 12 Guage

Garand 8 Round Clip

Garand C tool

Garand Carrying sleeve-Repro

Garand M3 C-tool first pattern

Garand Oil Bottle

Garand Oiler 2nd Pattern

Garand Sight and Muzzle Cover set

Garand Winter Trigger


Gel Handwarmer

German 7.9mm Military Ammunition by D Kent

German Assault Rifles 1935-1945 By Peter Senich

German Automatic Weapons of WW2


GPMG Link for 7.62x51 NATO

Grease Gun

Grease Nipples

Green and Brown reversable Camo Net

Grip oil can Mk2 BD7656

Guage for checking steam hose connection

Guage Pressure No16 (CM3600)

Guage Striker protrusion No16

Guage, Striker Protrusion MM/MR/ME (also SMLE & No4)

Gun Rule

GunGuard gun and shooting insurance: click here for more information

Gunmark Sabel Side By Side Double Barrel Shotgun (DA0074 P03) Price reduced from 295


H&K G3 (AH31 DA0243)

H.DV.255 Pistol 08 (luger P08) 1936

Handbook of Enemy Ammunition on CD

Handwarmer Charcoal Sticks x12

Hayes Handgun Omnibus

HDV181/6 MG34 Inspection & Repair of the Infantry Devices 1941

HDV181/7 MG42 Inspection & Repair of the Infantry Devices

HDv241 MG42 Operators Manual 1944

HDV254 Pistol 38 (P38) 1940

HDV368 volume 1 The shooting stands for the MG08

HDV368 volume 2 MG08/15 & MG08/18 with shooting stands

HDv369 MG13 Manual 1942

History of Modern US Military Small Arms Ammunition Vol1 1940-1945, Hackley,Woodin & Scranton Vol 2

HMG 08 Picture book (usage photos) 1931

Holdall Fuze Keys 5.5" Gun (and 4.5")

Holder Cartridge

Holder, shell, 25Pr

Hose Connector Mk2 BD2674

IMI Galil AR (DA0141 AH16)

Inglis FN Browning Hi-power EU Spec deac (AF04 DA0087)

Israeli Uzi SMG (AH20 DA0182) bayonet NOT included PRICE REDUCED! from 450

Jack Pyke 3-in-1 Jacket Size Large

Jack Pyke Cartridge Bag

Jack Pyke Duotex Cartridge Bag

Jack Pyke Hunters Gilet

Jack Pyke Hunters Jacket

Jack Pyke Hunters Trousers

Jack Pyke Pro Sport Ultra Light Vest

Jack Pyke Waterproof Gaiters

Jack Pyke Waterproof suit

K98 7.92 Ammo Clips

K98 Action Cover, repro

K98 Cleaning kit late or post war

K98 Cleaning kit 65

K98 Foresight Hood-Repro

K98 Front (Muzzle) Band

K98 Leather Action Cover-repro

K98 Leather Rear Sight Cover-repro

K98 Muzzle Cleaning Rod Guide

K98 Sling repro

K98 Sling, genuine, brown with black tab

K98 Sling, genuine, brown with tab

K98/G98 muzzle cover

Kent Velocity 12G

Key No 244 (CM1891)

Key No11 CM595

Key No12 CM598

Key No14

Key No29 FL1935

Key, Ammuntion, 120

Key, Ammuntion, 121

Key, Ammuntion, 180

Key, No34 Primer

KWC Sig Sauer GRS Air Pistol in .177 (4.5mm) BB 114.99

Kynoch box for .32 Smith and Wesson Long

Kynoch box for .32 Smith and Wesson Long

L1A1 Cold Weather muzzle protector

L1A1 Sight protector

L1A1 SLR magazine-Light used

L1A1 SLR magazine-near new

L1A1 SLR magazine-refinished

L1A1 SLR magazine-Unissued

L96 magazine for Accuracy International sniper rifle-near new

L96 magazine for Accuracy International sniper rifle-used

Lanyard Firing 5.5" Gun

Lanyard Pistol

LE No4 Woodwork set

LE1 BB0777 Wad stock bolt

Lee Enfield Accessories Pack

Lee Enfield Action Cover

Lee Enfield No4 MK1 (EU Spec 2018) Skeleton action (J28)

Lee Enfield No4 skele (EU Spec 2018) Skeleton action (DA 0125 J32)

Lee Enfield Parts Catalogue (SAID No23)

Lee Enfield WW1 Nickel Ammo Accessories Pack

Lee Enfield WW2 Ammo Accessories Pack

Level Emergency CM18SA

Lever Levelling MG4355

Lewis (and Vickers MG) Gun Plug Clearing

Lewis Barrel Mouth Spanner

Lewis Chamber Reamer

Lewis Gas Bore Rod

Lewis Gun cleaning rod 95

Lewis Loading Tool

Lewis MG Drum Mag Box

Limber Brake linings

Limited War Sniping by Peter R Senich

Loader for MP38/40 Magazine-Vigneron and other SMG magazines

LSA 1916 SMLE MkIII (M20) EU Spec Deactivation

Luger By John Walter. From 1875 to the present day

Luger Handling-The Luger P08 and Stick Grenade 1936

Luger P08 magazine WW1 wooden base

Luger P08 magazine WW2 aluminium base Serial Number 2823

Luger P08 magazine WW2 aluminium base Serial Number 4207

Luger P08 magazine WW2 aluminium base Serial Number 8590

Luger P08 magazine WW2 aluminium base Serial Number 9489

Luger P08 magazine-no base or spring

Luger Takedown tool-repro

M1 Carbine Butt Pouch

M1 Carbine Charger Clip

M1 Carbine Mag Dust Cover

M1 Carbine mags 15 round Very Used (GRADE 3)

M1 Carbine mags 15 round New/Near New (GRADE 1)

M1 Carbine mags 15 round Used (GRADE 2)

M1 Carbine Muzzle cover (repro)

M1 Carbine stripping instructions

M1 Carbine/M3 Grease Gun Repro Tan Sling

M1 Carbine/M3 Grease Gun OD original Sling

M1 Carbine/M3 Grease Gun Oil Bottle

M1/M2 carbine 30 Round Magazine

M13 spares case

M14 10 Round Magazine

M14 20 Round Magazine

M16 Manual-purchased in Vietnam

M17/P14 custom target stock

M3 Grease Gun Extractor Tool

M3 Grease Gun Magazine

M3 Grease Gun Magazine cover

M3 Grease Gun Magazine Loader

M3 Grease Gun sling, leather

M72 LAWS 66mm Rocket Launcher (DA-LAWS-21)

MAB Pistol magazine

MAC Double barrel Shotgun-deactivated (Q05 DA0171)

Machine Guns of WW1

Madsen MG Magazine

Magazine for Adler/Armi Jager AP74 'M16' .22 Calibre Rifle

Magnum Double barrel Hammer shotgun (Q0 DA0160)

Makarov deactivated Semi-Auto pistol (AI07 DA0240) PRICE REDUCED FROM 750

Martini Enfield .303 (DA-MH-EC) EU 2018 Spec Deac 295 SOLD

Martini Enfield .303 (L13) EU 2016 Spec Deac

Master Double barrel Shotgun-deactivated (Q09 DA01722)

Mauser Chamber Cleaning Rod

Mauser G98 rare genuine Cleaning Rod

Mauser M1903 & M1903/38 Turkey rare cleaning rod

Mauser M1903/38 (H05 DA0094)Spec Deac

Mauser Model 1910 (AJ03 DA0293)

Mauser Model 1914 (AI27 DA0292)

Maxim Gun, block die

Merkblatt 41/18 MG42 Operators Manual 1944

Metal .30 Calibre Link

MG08 water can-1 only! PRICE REDUCED!

MG08 WW1 Double Ammunition Belt Box. PRICE REDUCED! was 145

MG08 WW1 wooden ammo belt Box

MG08/15 Parts List

MG34 Butz Description, Operation & Service of the MG34 as a Light MG, Heavy MG and for Air Defence

MG34 Repro Leather Sling

MG34 Slide Presentation Part 3 Training Notes; Motions in the Weapon During Loading & Shooting


MG42 & 34 ammo belt section

MG42 & 34 ammo belt section

MG42 & 34 Feeder tab

MG42 Action Cover-Genuine

MG42 Action Cover-Repro

MG42 Belt Drums and carrier - genuine WW2

MG42 double spare barrels carrier-Rare!

MG42 Drum Magazine

MG42 Leather Sling

MG42 spare barrel carrier

MG42/MG34 Webbing Sling

MG53 deactivated Machine Gun (AH08 DA0159)

Midland Double barrel Shotgun-deactivated (Q03 DA0170

Milbro .22 Calibre domed Select pellet 9.95

Milbro 3-9x40AOEG 'scope

Milbro CO2 12Gm Capsule 25 Pack 19.99

Milbro S3 Air Pistol .177 & .22 49.95

Milbro Sportsman Air Rifle 149.95

Milbro Tracker Air Rifle 149.95

Military Small Arms of the 20th Century By I Hogg & J Weeks

Mk1 bipod leg brace pair

Mk1 Bren Magazine-Scarce PRICES REDUCED

Mk1 T Pin BD0840

Mk2 bipod leg brace pair

Mk2 Dial Sight for 3" Mortar.

Mk2 Rear Sight for Enfield No4

Mk2 Sight slide BD0935

Mk3 Sight slide BD0936

MkV Signal Pistol (Q12)

MkV Signal Pistol (R03) for flare launch tube

MoD Charging Enemy Target ONE OFF SPECIAL PURCHASE, buy while you can!

Model 1917 Stock

Modern Military Bullpup rifles by T.B. Dugely

Mossberg 500AL @Canvasback Drake' Pump Action Shotgun (Q21 DA0228)

Mossberg 500ATP Pump Action Shotgun (R13 DA0302)

Mossberg 600AL Pump Action Shotgun (DA0236 Q34)

Mounting block for Zero Lines Plate

MP38/40 Magazine-Vigneron

MP40 Sling Repro

MP40 Sling-genuine

MP40 Sling-genuine, repro stud & loop

MP44 Loading/stripping Tools

MP44 magazine loading guide

MP44 Stripping tool

Muzzle Chain BD0836

Muzzle Cover Mk1

Muzzle Protector Mk1 BD9395

Muzzle Protector Mk2 BD9395

napier .22 Calibre Power Hunter Pellet 14.99

Napier .22 Calibre Power Hunter UPH Pellet 13.50

Napier .22 Calibre Power Target Pellet 14.99

Napier 12G Bore Brush

Napier 12G Chamber Brush

Napier 12G mop

Napier 12g Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Napier air gun grease 25ml tube

Napier Air Rifle pullthrough kit

Napier Deluxe 12G Snapcaps

Napier Deluxe Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Napier ED100 Ear Defenders

Napier Gun Oil 125ml bottle

Napier Gun Oil 300ml spray can

Napier London Gun Stock Finish 100ml

Napier London Gun Stock Finish DVD

Napier London Gun Stock Finish Kit

Napier Pro 9 Ear Defenders

Napier snap loaders

Napier Standard Cartridge Bag

Napier Totem Wellington Boot Carrier

Nightsight Front ONLY BD2623

No22 Sight adapter

No22 Sight adapter and cases set

No22 Sight case (inner)

No22 Sight outer storage Tube

No32 Scope adjusting tool-Genuine (SA1)

No32 Scope adjusting tool-New Manufacture

No32 Scope mount top plate

No32 scope mounting pads

No4 Brass Butt Plate

No4 Foresight Adjuster

No4 Mk1 sight

No4 Mk3 sight

No4 Mk4 sight

No4 Mk4 sight Canadian

No41 Telescope Case

No4T rear sight

No5 Bayonet

No7 Bayonet

No9 Bayonet for Enfield No4 (9-jan-1)

No9 Bayonet for Enfield No4 (9-jan-2)

No9 Bayonet for Enfield No4 (9-jan-3)

Norica Black Eagle .22 & .177 Air Rifle 235

Norica Kimar AG92 .177 pellet air pistol

Oil can for .30 & .50 Browning MG

Oil Can Holder

oil can Mk1 BD0133

Omnipotent Bipod

Original box of 32 1944 dated inert rounds

Original box of 32 1945 dated inert rounds

Other Tools, NON FAC Spares (sights etc) & Armourers Guages

P14 custom target stock (P14-CS-2)

P14 custom target stock PRICE REDUCED FROM 85 to Clear

P14 Custom trigger mechanisms

P14 or M17 Custom trigger mechanisms

Padded Rifle and 'scope sight gunslip

Panther .22 Calibre 16.9Gr Heavy Domed Hunting Pellet 11.99

Panther .22 Calibre 21Gr Heavy Domed Hunting Pellet 12.99

Paris Kanonen-the Paris Guns and project HARP by G.V. Bull & C.H.Murphy

Parker Hale 8/53 Lee Enfield No4 rear sight (PH1)

Parker Hale Patt 14 P14 rear sight

Parker Hale PH4 Lee Enfield No4 rear sight

Parker Hale PH5B P14 rear and front sights

Parker Hale PH5DC Lee Enfield No4 rear sight and PH 'FS2A' foresight

Pellet Pal pellet holder

Percussion Caps Tin

PIAT Butt and tube covers

PIAT Butt pad

PIAT covers & butt pad set

Pigeon knock down target

Pin, joint cover, long BD0823

Pin, joint cover, Short BD0821

Pin, joint, long BD0825

Pintle Mount for .30 Tripod

Pistol and Revolver Cartirdges by White & Munhall Vol1 & 2 (1 book)

Pistol Cleaning Rod-large handle

Pistol Cleaning Rod-small handle

Pistol Cleaning Rod-small handle-steel

Plastic Oil Bottle

Plate, Zero Lines Plate

Plotting board and tripod

Plotting Board for 3" Mortar

Polish PPS (PPSH43) (AH27 DA0234)

Power Airgun Oil 7.99

Power Pellet Lube 10ml dropper

PPSH41 35 Round Box Mag-scarce! Only a few available

PPSH41 71 Round Box Mag. Only a few available

PPSH41 Sling

Pro Mount 2 screw high mounts

Pro Sport Cartridge Bag

Pullthrough, single, for Enfields, Brens and other weapons

Pump Fluid & Filter Hose

Punch No3 BD2530

Punch No5 BD2532

QR Quick Release Sling

Quake 1 1/4" Quick Release Swivels

Quake 1" Quick Release Swivels

Quake Claw non slip Sling

Quake swivel Mounting stud long

Quake swivel Mounting stud short

Rabbit Gallery Multi knock down target

Rabbit knock down target

Range Cone

Range Right Exterminator .22 Calibre domed 16 grain pellet 13.95

Range Right medium height 2 screw scope mounts

Rare (in UK) West Field Browning (Savage/Stevens 520)Deac' model 30 pump Action Shotgun (R12 DA0300)

Rare .380 1943 cartridge box-empty

Rare 1920's/30's dated .30-06 inert ammo

Rare 2" Mortar transit case

Rare box for 50 .45 ACP cartridges-Empty

RARE Lewis Deactivated spare barrel, deactivated to EU Spec:

Rare Lewis Tool kit

Rare Protractors and plotters for British WW2 Artillery Board 35

Rare WW2 dated .30-06 inert ammo

Rat Gallery Multi knock down target

Rat knock down target

Rear Sight for No5

Remington .22 (5.5mm) Thunder Barracuda Hunter 7.95

Remington .22 (5.5mm) Thunder Crow Magnum £10.50

Remington 1911 Magazine

Remington 1911rac Air Pistol 159.95

Remington Express .22 Air Rifle Â159.99

Remington Express XP .22 Air Rifle £199.99

Remington Pest Controller with integrated Sound Moderator .22 Air Rifle 134.95

Remington Prometheus .22 Calibre pointed pellet £12.95

Remington Sabre 209.95

Remington Sabre TH 225.00

Remington Sawn-Off shotgun (AI05 DA0249)

Remington TacLED scope torch

Remington Tyrant Punch .22 Flat Pellets 5.49

Remington Warhawke GBP 249.99

Reproduction Nambu Leather holster

Rod cleaning Lee Enfield Carbine

Rod, cleaning Mortar 3"

Round Head Bipod

Rule, plotting board

SA80 Cleaning Kit

Sarasqueta Double barrel Shotgun-deactivated (Q08 DA0166

Scale Artillery No3 MkII

scarce 1944 dated .30 Short M1 Carbine inert ammo

Scarce British issue Sterling SMG Magazine-used

Scarce FN Browning 1906 Pocket Pistol (AH29 DA0233)

scarce FN Browning M1900 magazine 7.65mm (Late 8 hole)

Scarce L4 LMG (7.62 Bren) 30 Round Magazine

Scarce NEW L4 LMG (7.62 Bren) 30 Round Magazine

Scarce Vickers Experimental Sight slide Ã30

Scarce Webley and Scott Model 1906/1908 (AH25 DA0202)

Scarce Webley and Scott Model 1906/1908 (AJ02 DA0296)

Scarce Webley and Scott Model 1906/1908 pocket pistol (AH28 DA0232)

Scarce Webley and Scott Model 1909 pocket pistol (AH23 DA0201)

Schmitt Firearm 98 (Kar98K,b,a Gew98) 1940

Schmitt Machine Pistols Manual, covers MP18/28/Erma/MP34/MP38/MP40 and Flare Pistol ('Hebel' type)

Schmitt MG08 Operator Manual

Schwarzlose HMG references and instructions 1936 and instructions 1913

Screw centering Blocks BD8890

Screw for sling & Piling swivels

Screwdriver small

Shell Pigeon Decoy & peg

Shoot to Kill/Care of Your Gasmask

Shotgun/rifle gunslip with pocket

Side By Side Double Barrel Shotgun (O20) PRICE REDUCED FROM 195

SIG 220 Semi-Auto pistol (AE13 DA0086) deactivated to EU Spec

SIG STGW57 (AG31) EU Spec deac

Sig-Sauer P75 (AI04 DA0241)

Sight blades various sizes

Sight Lensatic OS2450A-Scarce!

Signal Flare Tin, WW2, genuine

Six Guns By Elmer Keith

Skennerton Handbook for the US M14 Rifle

Skirt for artillery director

Slide Rule MK4 BD2565

Sling BAR Repro

sling for Mosin Nagant

Sling Garand, P14/17 Repro Steel

Sling M1907 Garand/03 Springfield/P14 & P17

Sling Section 3" Mortar

Sling, Nylon, L1A1

SLR cleaning kit

SLR cleaning kit

SLR Hythe Sight

SM183 Guage

SM186 Guage

SM548 Pistol No2 barrel guage

SM75 Bore Guage

Small Arms Manual-Homeguard etc

Small Arms Training Manual; Part 4 1942 LMG

Small Arms Training Vol 2 1931-Covers Lewis Gun and Grenade/Rifle Grenade & Small Arms Anti-Aircraft

Smith & Wesson 27-9 .357 Magnum Revolver (AD21 DA0088) EU Spec

Smith and Wesson 'Victory' .38 Revolver (AI09 DA0271)

Smith and Wesson Handguns by McHenry and Roper

SMK 3-9x40 'scope

SMK 3-9x50 'scope

SMK 4-12x42 'scope

SMK Black .22 Calibre domed pellet 4.50

SMK Black .22 Calibre Flat pellet 4.50

SMK Black.22 Calibre pointed pellet 4.50

SMK Budget Nylon Sling

SMK cartridge & game Bag (SMK)

SMK custom B2 .22 or .177 Air Rifle 79.95

SMK Custom DB3 .22 or .177 Air Rifle 99.95

SMK Custom DB5 .22 or .177 Air Rifle 109.95

SMK high sight mount MU21

SMK medium sight mount MU02-1

SMK MU02A Medium Mount double screw & recoil pin

SMK MU21A High Mount double screw

SMK MU27 1 piece medium scope mount

SMK MU27-1 1 piece medium compact scope mount

SMK MU27A High Mount 1 piece

SMK MU27A-1 1 piece high compact scope mount

SMK nulti fit sound moderator 29.95

SMK Red and Green Dot Sight

SMK Red Dot Sight

SMK SSXS19 sound moderator 29.95

SMK Standard cartridge Bag

SMK Stool & Bag

SMK Stool and Backpack

SMK TH208 .22 or .177 Air Rifle 219.95

SMK Value Bipod

SMK Victory M22 PCP multi Shot air rifle 399.95

SMK XS12 Supergrade .22 or .177 Air Rifle 99.95

SMK XS19 Gas Ram .22 or .177 Air Rifle was 179.99 SPECIAL PRICE ON .22 WHILE STOCKS LAST 145!

SMK XS2 Air Pistol .177 & .22 45.99

SMK XS26 Air Pistol .177 & .22 99.95

SMK XS32 Air Pistol .177 & .22 99.95

SMK XS36 Underlever .22 Air Rifle 149.95

SMK XS38 Custom .22 Air Rifle 199.95

SMLE 1907 Bayonet dated 1924 & 1936

SMLE Combination Tool

SMLE instructors aim training aid

SMLE Magazine

SMLE Mk1 Forestock


SMLE Piling Swivel

Snowpeak Artemis M22 .22 PCP 399.95

Spandau Mauser G98 dated 1916 (R06 DA0277)

Spanner Adjustable

Spare Barrel Cover

Spare Barrel Cover

Spare Parts Roll

Spares & Tools wallet BD2690 85

Spares Roll M10

Spares tin CM98

Special Service Lee Enfields, Commando and Auto Models (SAID No13)

Spike Bayonet

Spitfire .22 Calibre Domed Pellet 7.50

Spitfire .22 Calibre Pointed Pellet 9.99

Spout, 2 gallon can BD0260

Spring Firing Pin BD0949

Squire Double barrel Hammer shotgun (Q01 DA0161)

Squirrel knock down target

SSB2 sound moderator 29.95

SSB2CARB sound moderator 39.95

SSS400Series sound moderator 49.95

SSXS17 sound moderator 29.95

SSXS36 sound moderator 39.95

SSXS78 sound moderator 29.95

SSXS79 sound moderator 29.95

Staff Aiming

Steel flask 1 litre

Steel flask 480ml capacity

Stem, cork CA0475

Sten and Other Sub Machine Guns

Sten Cleaning Rod for Mk3

Sten Mag Loader Mk2

Sten Mag Loader Mk4

Sten Magazine (reduced rounds modified)

Sten Magazine British

Sten Magazine British as new/near new condition

Sten MkII (AE27) deactivated to EU Spec

Sten Sling

Sten SMG Parts Manual

Sten Tool Clearing

Sterling Mk4 L2A3 (DA-ST1 DA0183)

Sterling SMG Magazine- new/near new

Sterling SMG Magazine-used

Sterling SMG sling

Stevens Model 79 Pump Action Shotgun-deactivated (DA0145 P26)

Steyr Mannlicher Model 1888/90 (I17) EU 2018 Spec Deac Price reduced to clear

Steyr Mannlicher Model 1895 (J06) EU 2016 Spec Deac. Price reduced to clear!

Stop, Running back


Strap,securing,10" webbing + protector





Strap,securing,40" Webbing



Stubble and Reed Cam net

T & E for .30 Calibre tripod

T-Pin long BD0841

Tabbed 1943 dated ammo Belt, Vickers MG, 250 round,

Tabbed WW1 pattern ammo Belt, Vickers MG, 250 round, WW2 dated ON HOLD FOR CUSTOMER

Taurus .357 magnum revolver (AI 26 DA0287

Telescopic Musket Sights Models 1908-1913

The 'Sir Hiram Maxim Pipe of Peace'

The Big Guns-Battleship Main armament 1860-1945

The Black Rifle-M16 retrospective by R.Blake Stevens & Edward C. Ezell

The Bren Gun Saga by Thomas B Dugelby

The Broad Arrow

The Devils Paintbrush by Dolf L. Goldsmith

The Gas Trap Garand by Billy Pyle

The German Sniper 1914-45 by Peter R Senich

The Lee Enfield Rifle

The Lee-Enfield Story

The Modern Gunsmith by James Howe, Volumes 1 & 2

The Pictorial History of U.S. Sniping by Peter R. Senich

The Vickers Machine Gun

Thompson 20 round Box Magazine

Thompson 30 round Box Magazine

Thompson Action Cover, Repro

Thompson Brass Cleaning Rod & Brush

Thompson Cleaning Rod & Brush

Thompson Combination Tool

Thompson M1A1 Oiler

Thompson Sling Genuine

Thompson Sling Reproduction

Thompson smg and magazines carrier, Repro

Thompson Spares Bag

ThUnderBOLT .22 Calibre Pellet for PCP Air Weapons 9.95

ThUnderBOLT .22 Calibre Pellet for Spring powered Air Weapons 9.95

Tool Artillery 276

Tool Artillery No 224

Tool Removing extractor Spring

Tool removing jammed cartridge

Tool Removing Wad

Tool Roll

Tool Roll 5.5" Gun (and 4.5")

Tool, Artillery 781

Tool, Artillery 782

Tool, Holder Cartridge Case

Traverse Stop Mk1 for Bren AA/Sustained Fire Tripod

Tripod Blocks Centering, pair of BD2228/ CA0833

Tripod Crosshead Pin BD2281

Tripod Crosshead Pin BD2281 and chain

Tripod Elevating Gear Pin BD2284

Trumpet target holder and Pellet catcher

Unusual Bren Hybrid Gas bore cleaning rod £30

Unusual Lafette 42 Tripod

US Rifle M14, From John Garand to the M21

Uzi Bayonet and scabbard

Value 12g Shotgun Cleaning Kit

VERY RARE 2" Mortar bomb carrier

Vickers Ammo Box Liner-Scarce item!

Vickers Disposable Ammo Box

Vickers No10 Belt Box

Vickers No8 Belt Box WW1/WW2

Vickers Parts List

Vickers Platoon Spares and Tools Box Mk2 (Green) with contents

Vickers Platoon Spares and Tools Box Mk3with contents

Vickers Platoon Spares and Tools Box with contents

Vickers Punches No's 3 & 5 25

Vickers Spare Barrel, Deactivated, with fault

Vickers Spare Barrels-Deactivated

Vickers tripod legs and parts

Vickers tripod transit box

Vickers Water Jacket wrap, BRITISH TYPE, repro BACK IN STOCK

Vickers WW1 Machine gunners Waistcoat


Vickers/BESA/.30 Browning Oil Can

Vickers/Lewis Gun transit box

Vickers/Lewis Spring Balance/Tool

Victory CP1 target air pistol 129.95

Victory CP1-M multi shot target air pistol 169.95

Victory Implode .22 Hollow Point pellet 6.99

Viking SOS' Pump action Shotgun with optical 'red' dot sight (L17 DA0099) REDUCED FROM 350

Wallet Memorandum of Examination

Walther P38 magazine, Walther Logo

Walther P38 ( P5) magazine

Walther PP magazine

Walther PP magazine circa WW2, made Manurhin France

Walther PP magazine post-war with grip extension

Walther PP pre WW2 (AC32 DA0162) PRICE REDUCED!

Walther PPK (AI06 DA0239)

Walther PPK magazine circa WW2

Walther PPK magazine circa WW2, made Manurhin France

Waterproof cover, Rifle

Webb Rifle Sling for Lee Enfield Grade 2

Webb Rifle Sling for Lee Enfield Grade 3

Webb Rifle Sling for Lee Enfield Grade 4

Webley and Scott MK111 Signal Pistol (Q25

Webley and Scott Model 1904 'Hammer Pocket' (AJ04-DA0298)

Webley MKIV 'War Finish' .38 revolver (AI25 DA0286)

Webley MKIV .38 'War Finish' revolver (AI02 DA0244)

Webley MKIV .38 'War Finish' revolver (AI10 DA263)

Webley MKIV .38 'War Finish' revolver and holster (AH32 DA0245)

Webley MKIV .38 revolver (AH24 DA0214)

Webley MKIV .38 revolver (AI11 DA0264)

Webley MKIV .38 revolver (AJ01 DA0290)

Webley MKIV .38 revolver and holster (AH26 DA0215)

Webley MKVI .455 1918 revolver (AI23 DA0275)

Webley MKVI Grip set-repro

Westley Richards Side By Side Double Barrel Shotgun (DA0073 O40) Price reduced from 325

Wheel Worm CM187

White Gold XLR

Wilkins leather Pellet holder medium

Winchester Model 12 Pump Action Shotgun-deactivated (DA0146 P27)

Winchester P14 (DA-HT-W-1 DA0235)

Winchester P14 (K23)

Winchester P14 (R11 DA0285)

Winchester SXP Pump Action Shotgun-deactivated (R14 DA0301))

Wooden Grip BD0720

WPN-001 The Thompson Sub-machine gun

WPN-006 Sniper Rifles

WPN-007 Fairburn-Sykes Commando Dagger

WPN-008 The AK47

WPN-009 The Colt 1911

WPN-010 The Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle

WPN-013 The M1 Carbine

WPN-014 The M16

WPN-015 The Browning Automatic Rifle

WPN-016 The M1 Garand

WPN-017 The Lee-Enfield Rifle

WPN-019 The Webley Service Revolver

WPN-020 The M60 machine Gun

WPN-021 MG34 & MG42 Machine Guns

WPN-022 The Sten gun

WPN-023 The M1903 Springfield Rifle

WPN-024 German Automatic Rifles 1941-45

WPN-025_The Vickers-Maxim Machine Gun

WPN-026 The Martini-Henry Rifle

WPN-027 The FN FAL Battle rifle

WPN-028 The Bren Gun

WPN-029_US Combat Shotguns

WPN-031 MP38 & MP40 Submachine Guns

WPN-032 Browning .30-Calibre Machine Guns

WPN-033 Soviet Machine Guns of WW2

WPN-034 The Lewis Gun

WPN-036 Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck

WPN-038 The Hand Grenade

WPN-039 Mauser Military Rifles

WPN-040 The Gatling Gun

WPN-041 Flamethrower

Wrench 50 cal

Wrench Breech mechanism No247

WW1 No5 Mills Grenade (G5-2)

WW1 Patronenkasten M1911 ammo box for MG08/MG34/MG42 etc

WW1 type Clip charger Lee Enfield

WW2 2in inert Practice bomb

WW2 2in inert Practice bomb (damaged)

WW2 2in inert Practice bomb (damaged)

WW2 2in inert Practice bomb repainted

WW2 Czech CZ27 (Pistole Mod 27(t) ) (AD01 0163)

Ww2 dated 9mm Copper FMJ Inert Ammo

Ww2 dated 9mm Nickel FMJ Inert Ammo

WW2 era MkV Signal Pistol (Q32)

WW2 M1 Carbine (AF12 DA0081 Price reduced from 925

WW2 M1 Carbine (AH17 0158)

WW2 MG34 Deactivated Spare Barrels

WW2 MG42 Deactivated Spare Barrel (SPBR0292)

WW2 MG42 Deactivated Spare Barrel and case

WW2 MG42 Deactivated Spare Barrels

WW2 Signal Pistol (R02)

WW2 steam hose

WW2 Waterproof Pistol Cover

ZB37 Czech LMG C Tool

ZB37 Translated manaul:Weapon & Shooting technical text book

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